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Nannette Foster is an Intuitive Flow Specialist and founder of Intuitive Daughters of God and The Armory Membership. Nannette advocates for highly intuitive women, mentoring them to work with their intuitive design to discover, develop, and deploy their destiny. 

A thought leader on Intuition and Intuitive Flow, she raises up world-changers in a lifestyle of freedom, identity, and co-creating for advanced impact. She is a prophetic business advisor, jewelry artist, and hammock lover. Nannette lives in Kodiak, Alaska with her boat captain husband, Jay, and their two fiery children, Josiah and Emerald.

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Host of the Intuitive By Design  video blog and the interview-based Underestimated Warrior Show broadcast, Nannette is no stranger to the screen. Whether in-person, on a livestream, or composing a pre-recorded training, Nannette  has an uncanny ability to customize her connection with each audience through inviting empathy and infectious joy. 

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